Lucy is a Miniature Pinscher who was turned over to IMPS from the Humane Society and came to us from Cleveland, Ohio. She lived with Cheryl a while and then made her way to Kentucky. She is quite a little spitfire! Full of spunk and energy, she would run through the house with her natural tail waving like a flag! She has one ear that stands and one that folds over and with her big, soulful eyes, she looks like a very wise puppy even though she is probably at least 4 years old. She is the sweetest little girly, girl. Cheryl got her a little purple sweatshirt and when Lucy puts it on, she looks just like a little girl playing dressup!

Lucy loves to snuggle, as you can see. Kasey is in the picture on the left. Lucy is the one wearing the purple sweatshirt! Lucy curled up in Kasey's lap and went to sleep. The arm on the right belongs to foster dad, Rick. She curled up next to him the first night she met him!

Her favorite napping spot was at the top of my bed, on top of all the pillows. She looks like a queen upon her throne!

Lucy was adopted by Michele and Kirk in New York. They were so excited to meet Lucy that they drove all the way to Kentucky! Now Lucy has a little min-pin brother named Killer. Their Mom, Michele calls him "Killer bee" but I think he is a lady killer because Lucy seems to like him!

Michele was tired after that long trip to Kentucky. She must have fallen asleep when they got back home, with two little snugglers on top of her!

Michele with both of her babies!

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