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Teeny weighs a hefty 5.6 pounds and is about 7 inches tall. Her full name is Teeny Wienie. She was named this name by her pal and foster dad. She likes to sleep on his shoulder.

Teeny has a new home with a little fur brother and sister. Teeny also has a new name: COCOA BEAN! She looks like a little chocolate chip! Can't wait to hear updates about little Cocoa!

7.21.02 - Sadly our update is that little Cocoa was killed by a car along with her little brother, Peanut today. This is a much needed reminder that Miniature Pinschers MUST be watched AND kept on a lead when they are outside. We are still very upset about Cocoa's death and know that she will always hold a special place in our hearts. Teeny, we will always miss you.