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Hi, my name is Reiley. I am the red Miniature Pinscher
on the right in the picture above.
Rose is my sister. She is a black and rust Min Pin.
This is our story....

I was not getting much attention from my
first home because they had a little human kid,
so my Mom and Dad there decided that
I should go to rescue to find a new home.

I was 2 years old. My foster Mom and Dad took real
good care of me but they couldn't take me on their vacation
because they were already taking three other doglets.
My foster GRAND Mother said that
she would take care of me until they got back.
Well, guess what happened?? My Grand Mother fell
in love with me because I was so good and loved her so much.
She told them they couldn't have me back,
that I had a forever home right here.
Mama and Dad adopted me and I have been here ever since.

This is me playing with my toys all alone.

Here I am sleeping in the office waiting for my Mom to get off the computer.

Rosie soon came to live with us. My new Mom read in the paper where she was found as a "stray." That meant that Rosie didn't have a home. My Mom asked if she could come live with us and the lady that had her said, "Yes." That was just what I needed. A sister and a best friend! Sometimes we don't always see eye to eye, but usually we get along, play and love on each other. We sleep in bed with Mom and Dad and raid the garden whenever we get a chance! We love lettuce and tomatoes!

Here is a picture of Rose:

Rosie and I are about the same age.
We are starting to get some gray
on our muzzles and are on diets to lose some weight.
Other than that, we are perfect!!

Here are some more pictures of Rose and me:

Don't we look good with Santa?

Here we are with the baby! We want a bite of that food!

This kid is sure cute!

Here is another picture of me!

That is about all I know right now.
I will try to keep you filled in as we get
new pictures, so come back and visit my page again.

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If you would like to learn more about
adopting your own puppy from a shelter or rescue organization, please email my foster mom:

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