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Mr. Murray came from Kansas. He had been a breeder in a small puppy mill operation. His feet had open sores and callouses from being on a wire bottom cage. He wouldn't allow human contact. He was afraid of everything.

His fur was falling out in clumps and he was filthy dirty. On the ride home, as we held him in our laps, he started to smile. He squinted up his eyes and there it was ...A REAL SMILE. It was so adorable that we fell in love with Murray right then. Murray lived with us for a while and we were soon to learn that Murray was a genius!

The first challenge was the leash. He bucked like a little wild stallion at first. However, within one day, he was walking like a little gentleman! Though his feet were sore and he had a quirky walk, he tried to keep up with our other dogs. The next thing that challenged Murray were the steps up to our bedroom. He saw the other dogs going up and down but he would just stand at the bottom and bark with frustration. So we went to work, taking just 3 steps at a time. Before we knew it, Murray was running up and down like he had been climbing stairs his whole life. He learned to trust and would stop on command to let us pick him up. We fell in love with Murray more each day.

Here is Murray with his new Mom, Pam, and new brother, Little Mac.


As you can see, Murray found a perfect home. .