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Miss Blossom


Blossom is a senior dog at approximately 11 years. She has white around her face and is a little pudgy but she likes to play and cuddle. She is so sweet. She was rescued from an Ohio shelter. Blossom had been turned in with two of her puppies. They were left in the outside yard of the shelter one cold night. The puppies were not pure bred but were adopted from the shelter. Blossom was very sick with an upper respiratory infection and was on antibiotics
She loves to pose for the camera!

Blossom's Shelter Mugshot

I am happy to announce that Blossom was adopted to a wonderful home! In fact, this home adopted another IMPS baby last year, so this makes THREE MinPins in all. The home also has Penny and Precious (two other senior dogs) and two kitties. You can see Blossom's brothers by clicking here:Mr. Murray