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More of Angel's Story

"Angel was with me all the time, she was my constant companion. I was new to diabetic pets and didn't want to miss anything. She came to know grandma's and grandpa's, aunts and uncles, friends and other rescue dogs, as she often accomapnied me on my transports and shelter runs. Angel was the best riding buddy, sitting on her seat, belted in of course, with her blanket that always traveled with us. We carried all the supplies we could ever need for her and probably alot we'd never need. She had pig's ears and rawhides hidden in the car for her trips. She would ride patiently napping or resting, but as soon as the car slowed down she was up and ready to see where we'd gone this time."

"She spent hours wandering around the fenced yard, seeking her boundaries. She eventually became so familar with the yard she could navigate it as well as the sighted dogs could. She even mastered the deck steps, teaching herself how to go up first, then down to potty in the yard. She'd picked a spot for sunbathing along the west fence, and that's where I'd find her if she wasn't standing in her baby pool on a warm day. She stepped high with her front legs and rarely tripped on anything, she wasn't a slow walker either, keeping up a pretty good pace. I on the other hand was not a very good seeing eye person, forgetting to warn her of dangers. We taught her warnings, "step up" for a small step, "jump up" for big steps, like getting on the couch, "step down" "Jump down" or "watch"to indicate her to an obstacle directly ahead. She learned quickly."

"Angel moved right into our hearts. It was as though she was always here, as if this had always been her home. She knew the floor and furniture layout in a matter of a few hours. We loved her right away and wanted to protect her."

"Angel was here for awhile, maybe a month when she decided she didn't like my dog Woody at all. She took to biting him alot, she could seek him out across the back yard, home in and bite him. She moved so fast when she was after him it was scary."

"I wanted to protect her and assure her she was safe, he was no threat, but in doing so I encouraged her to bite him more. I then moved to disciplining her for the biting, but that had no effect on her either. For some reason she hated Woody and thought she needed to bite first, ask questions later. With a very heavy heart I decided to adopt her to a great home to keep her safe. All the bites to Woody ended up with Angel getting hurt, Woody might get a scratch, but nothing ever serious."

"Angel went home to a great home on August 4th. Jo and Cinda are serious MinPin lovers and familar with diabetes. I thought she had the best home she could ever want. I cried everyday because I missed her so, but knew she was in a good place."

"Angel was there only a few weeks before she'd picked one of Jo's Minpins to hate. The fights were bad as Jo's minpins all wanted to help fight Angel off. Jo was afraid for Angel's safety, too and returned her to me. I watched them pull up and waited quietly as they crossed the street. Angel was in her "what's up" pose, remembering the smells and sounds, I think. Cinda let her down in the yard and I called her name. She turned around fast, her little stubby tail going a mile a minute. I was kneeling in the grass and she found me, climbed into my lap and covered my face with kisses as fast as her tail was going. I sobbed to have her back in my arms again, I had missed her so. I vowed she'd never leave again, I'd make it work somehow."

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